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In Q4 2018, Dunkin’ launched a new line of hand crafted, rich espresso beverages supported by their :15 TV spots. They were looking for unique, custom content that aligned with Dunkin’s focus on changing coffee drinker’s current routines to drive trial with their new drinks. Two minute, premium ad breaks aligned their commercials + custom content to morning, evening and weekend day-parts where routine change would be top of mind for consumers.

“Hack Your Routine” was hosted by and developed in partnership with cognitive neuroscientist/TED talks speaker and author Indre Viskontas, Ph.D.

The six week campaign produced over 2.5M total minutes of branded content exposure and had a 91% average completion rate for all creative. This was a first of it’s kind ad product on Newsy and National OTT/CTV campaign for Dunkin’.

Hack Your Morning Routine

Hack Your Evening Routine

Hack Your Weekend Routine