Preparing Today’s Cities for Tomorrow’s Challenges

By the year 2030, 8.5 billion people will call Earth home, with more than 2/3 living in cities. This growth represents a fundamental shift in how we must design, plan, build, and govern our urban areas.

Modern Metropolis: Preparing Today’s Cities for Tomorrow’s Challenges, follows the journey of a group of sustainability crusaders as they form a “2030 District” in their hometown of Cincinnati, OH. 2030 District’s are a national model for urban sustainability. Each “District” (22 total), is made up of building owners and businesses who make a voluntary commitment to a 50% reduction of their building’s energy, water, and transportation-related emissions by the year 2030. This story is not only about how Cincinnati became the 21st District in 2018, but more importantly, how science, technology, storytelling and unlikely partnerships can support environmental sustainability in order to drive meaningful change.