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Nation of Makers tells the story and motivations behind the small businesses of a toolmaker, an Italian restaurateur and owners of an apothecary-inspired cocktail lounge. This fun and enlightening series offers context and insight into why making things makes us human. Along with each business owner, we also featured insights from Peter Korn, author of “Why We Make Things and Why It Matters”.

NordVPN was promoting a new product that targeted the needs of small businesses. They were looking for opportunites to run their messaging adjacent to content that appealed to small business owners. Newsy’s Brand Studio produced this three part series which included exclusive title sponsorship and adjacent advertising for NordVPN that ran for 6 weeks on our national cable channels.

Episode 1 – Crucible Tool

Crucible Tool owners, Rainey, John and Chris, have taken their passion for furniture making to the next level by creating modern versions of ancient woodworking tools that have remained unchanged for centuries.

Episode 2 – Sundry & Vice

Sundry and Vice owners, Julia and Stewart, offer a unique “hand-crafted” experience inspired by the colorful past of Cincinnati’s Over the Rhine neighborhood. This neighborhood bar pays homage to the 19th century apothecary and its contribution to the great-American-cocktail.

Episode 3 – A Tavola Trattoria

In our fast-paced world we are quickly losing our connection to food in favor of the “quick and cheap.” Despite this trend, A Tavola Trattoria owner and restaurateur Jared keeps traditions alive through his search for quality and authenticity.