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Air Date: Q2 2018

Distribution platforms: Newsy’s OTT/CTV Platforms, web integration, Premiere Media Partner and Featured at Global Sustainability Conference (SB’19 Detroit)

Program length: Three (2-5 min.) segments

Total program views: 175,000+

Synopsis: Shifting Baselines features the work of Sustainable Brands, a premiere global community of brand innovators driving global change for good, and the unique partnerships they have with some of the world’s biggest companies. The partnership between Newsy’s Brand Studio and Sustainable Brands allowed both teams to focus on positive, action oriented stories that supported their global mission, while supporting some of their partner brands such as Procter & Gamble, Planet Labs and Terracycle.

Episode 1: Consumers, Corporations & the new American Dream

With culture as a driving force, our collective priorities are shifting — both in individuals and a nation as a whole — in order to ensure a more sustainable future. This segment looked at the role consumers and corporations are playing in recalibrating the concept of the “American Dream”.

Episode 2: Good for You, Good for the Planet

This segment looked at how the consumer packaged goods industry is addressing waste, energy and water use through smart package design while driving positive consumer behavior change. Procter and Gamble is just one example of how global brands are tackling these challenges by making sustainability an integral part of their business.

Episode 3: Brands for Good

We looked at the cultural shift taking place among consumers and corporations everywhere. One example of this is from a unique and innovative packaging partnership, led by Terracycle. Their LOOP project is working with some of the world’s largest brands to demonstrate how brands can become a force for good through smart and sustainable packaging solutions.

SB’19 Detroit: Global Sustainability Conference

Workshop Session Title:

New Models for Urban Sustainability and Collaboration: The Power of Uncommon Partners and Digital Storytelling


This session explored the evolution of 2030 District programs in the city of Detroit, MI, and Cincinnati, OH, looking at the kinds of leadership, partnership development and storytelling it takes for this new national model for urban sustainability to take off. Attendees saw a preview of Newsy Brand Studio’s “Modern Metropolis” documentary (premiering late 2019), along with highlights from their “Shifting Baselines” series, produced in partnership with Sustainable Brands. The first half of this interactive workshop was devoted to examining how 2030 District projects work and what roles brands play in them, and the second half focused on the power of video storytelling in helping uncommon collaborations succeed.