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Air Date: Q2 2018

Distribution platforms: Newsy’s OTT/CTV Platforms, National Cable, social media amplification, web integration, Media campaign: ROS and content adjacent pre-roll ads

Program length: 05:00

Total program views: 400,000+

Description: Every animal sleeps in some form or another (even bugs and worms). But only people can claim to actively, and sometimes unknowingly, take steps to impact our sleep—with both positive and negative consequences.

So what does it take to create an ideal sleeping environment? And how do you position a mattress company as a subject matter expert within a bigger story? This custom five minute segment broke down sleep into two core categories: the Art & Science of Sleep and featured expert interviews to contribute to each area.

For the art of sleep, we spoke with a designer from Leesa’s own team and showed how to create the ideal sleeping environment, including how to select the right mattress and pillows. For the science of sleep, we recruited help from Indre Viskontas, Ph.D., a cognitive neuroscientist and science author to help break down some of the latest discoveries from sleep science.

This story not only provided a balanced look at how to ensure a good night’s sleep, we also connected the narrative to Leesa’s B-Corp mission, focused on helping those in need by ensuring a good night’s rest.